Odour Control

Our technicians encounter foul odours during restoration projects on a regular basis. Whether the odour is caused by smoke, animal feces, or mold, our team has the experience and the equipment to help.

Not all odours are harmful, but many can be a nuisance. We regularly deal with eliminating a wide range of odours, including cigarette smoke, animal smells, and sewer back-ups. 

It's important to note that completely eliminating foul smells can be a difficult task. In fact, eradicating some odours can be a massive undertaking. Odours can permeate every crevice in an area, and it’s sometimes more economical to rebuild than try to clean.

Once on-site our crew will determine whether it's best to thoroughly remediate the unpleasant odour from your property or if a renovation makes more sense. Start by contacting DKI-Pro Pacific to discuss your particular situation.

Odours we encounter

Our staff provide a wide range of restoration services, and frequently encounter foul odours while on other projects. Here are some of the more common smells we help remediate.

  • Must & Mold. Often caused by excess and unwanted water, anyone who’s encountered mold will recognize the distinct musty smell. We can remediate mold infestations and eliminate the resulting odours by removing the cause of the moisture.
  • Human Feces. It’s not a pleasant situation, but when squatters take residence in a vacant property, removing the odour of urine and fecal matter is often a major part of the restoration process.
  • Pets & Animals. Unkempt living arrangements, hoarding, or simple animal abuse can all lead to the accumulation of pet urine and excrement, along with an odour that can be extremely uncomfortable.
  • Rodents. The stench caused by both the build-up of rodent excrement and by carcasses decaying in unreachable places (such as within wall cavities) commonly require structural renovations to remediate the foul odour.
  • Smoke. Cigarette/cigar smoke and the off-gassing from a fire can soak into any surface, requiring major renovations in order to completely eliminate the source of the odours.
  • Unkempt Living Conditions. Hoarding situations and other extremely unkempt living conditions often result in a variety of odours, caused by excessive food waste, backed-up sinks, musty clothes and furniture, and rodent/animal feces.

You can learn more about our restoration process when dealing with foul odours by reading this informative article.

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