Soft Content Restoration

The Esporta Wash System™ is the only wet-wash device in the restoration industry that is designed to recover soft contents such as fabric from fire and water disasters.

Esporta Wash System™ restores damaged drapes, clothing & other fabrics

ESPORTA wash system in action

DKI-Pro Pacific is proud to bring the highly effective Esporta Wash System™ method of recovery to Central and South Vancouver Island, including the Victoria, Nanaimo, Duncan, and Port Alberni regions.

Restored to Pre-Loss Condition

Cleaning clothes has been commonplace in the world since the beginning of time, and dry-cleaning has been around since the 1840s. However, methods of cleaning fabric and soft contents affected by fire, smoke, flood water and mould have existed for only 25 years.

Throughout that quarter century, the restoration industry has made huge strides in the effective cleaning and restoration of soft contents to their pre-loss condition.

Teddy bear after Esporta Wash System

Cleans Category 3 water damage

The Esporta Wash System™ was originally developed for the cleaning of sports equipment – namely hockey. But since its inception, this patented, revolutionary technology has now been integrated into the restoration of soft contents from all forms of disasters, including Category 3 water damage.

Typical washing machines won’t work

The use of traditional washing machines requires dropping fabrics into a washing wheel, which then uses an agitation method to remove soils from fabrics. To improve the effectiveness, water is heated to a high temperature and high-alkaline detergents are used. Though this process is an effective way to clean fabrics, the high temperatures, the high-alkaline detergents and the agitation create unneeded wear and tear on the material.

For this reason, traditional washing machines are typically not capable of cleaning anything more than textile garments.

The Esporta Wash System method chart

The Esporta™ method

The use of hydraulic and mechanical energy can be used to remove soil and contaminants from soft contents, saving thousands of dollars in replacement costs for insurance companies and property owners. In addition, the environmentally responsible detergents we use have shown a 99% kill rate of all bacteria, mould and fungi.

Features of the Esporta Wash System™

  • Restores at least 85% of the soft contents of a home after a water or fire loss
  • Hydraulic pressure forces specially formulated proprietary detergents into the items, removing contaminants and odours
  • Disinfects and decontaminates items with mould, bacteria, fungus and viruses
  • Batch tested to ensure that bacteria has been removed from contaminated items

Benefits of the Esporta Wash System™

  • Saves up to 80% by cleaning instead of replacing the items
  • Cleans and disinfects all soft goods without the agitation that causes damage
  • Contents claims are closed at the beginning of the claim process
  • Environmentally friendly detergents are safe and socially responsible
  • 24-hour turnaround on emergency items, resulting in reduced cost for emergency clothing
  • Claimants can recover their possessions faster – often within 72 hours
  • Less hassle for policyholders
  • Allows insured's coverage to go further

Our Service Territory

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