Fire & Smoke Damage

A fire loss can be devastating. Every fire is unique – different combinations of burning materials will result in different types of smoke and damage. Having trained, caring technicians and specialized equipment on-site is crucial.

When you see a fire on television, the main image is always of the flames. During a fire restoration project, however, the complexity is largely due to the unique behaviour of smoke.

In a fire, smoke travels through plumbing systems using holes around pipes to move from floor to floor. If smoke is pressurized during a fire, smoke will permeate a structure’s cracks and crevices, and be absorbed into building materials. The odour-causing residue that remains can be difficult to remove without specialized equipment.

Fires are extremely complex by nature. There are many different factors that influence how a fire burns, the damage it causes, and the smoke it creates. Here are some of the factors we look at when assessing a fire loss:

  • Fire temperature. Higher temperature fires produce a different smoke than lower temperatures, so we will have to consider how hot the fire burned. For example, a hot fire produces dryer smoke, which migrates up to cooler, fire-free areas (i.e.: upper floors or an attic) which may require our attention.
  • Where the smoke went. Smoke can be agile, and tends to find its way through every nook and cranny in the structure, including holes around pipes and electrical wiring. We want to make sure all areas of smoke residue are addressed, whether they are obvious or not.
  • Acidity levels. Smoke residue is often acidic, capable of causing corrosion on metal surfaces if not addressed quickly. We will make priorities on the repairs to minimize further damages.
  • Toxic hazards. Depending on the fire and materials burned, there are often airborne hazards and risks that might be present, but unseen. Our trained staff will always make safety the primary concern.

You can learn more about our restoration process when dealing with fire and smoke damage by reading this informative article.

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