DKI Contents Solution

DKI-Pro Pacific is a member of a national association of restoration contractors known as Disaster Kleenup International. Learn more about this relationship and how our access to professional content cleaning solutions can help recover losses.

We’re a proud affiliate of Disaster Kleenup® International

DKI-Pro Pacific is able to take advantage of training seminars, resources, and even physical assistance from the international Disaster Kleenup® International. Through this network we are able to pass on advanced techniques and equipment to our clients, helping recover losses in new and innovative ways. One of these ways is through the DKI Canada Contents Solution.

Cost-effective & eco-friendly content restoration

The DKI Canada Contents Solution is the most effective way to clean and restore contents damaged from fire and water. This process consists of The Esporta Wash System™ for all soft contents, and the Fireline Ultrasonics System™ for hard goods. These unique systems reduce costs to insurance companies, reduce environmental impact and reduce stress for policyholders.

Don't Replace; Restore!

This process can reduce the number of contents that need replacement on a claim by restoring contents to pre-loss condition up to 80% of the time. Most contents claims can be handled within a short time frame, enabling policyholders to return to their normal routines more quickly.

Benefits of the DKI Contents Solution

Cost savings

  • Restoration costs significantly less than replacement
  • Save up to 80% on contents replacement
  • Greater portion of the claim can be recovered
  • Shorter claim cycle
  • Time saver for claims adjusters
  • Improved policyholder retention

Policyholder satisfaction

  • Removes the burden of having to replace damaged items
  • Less likely to exceed policy maximum
  • Organized process helps manage client expectations
  • Restores cherished sentimental items
  • Faster return to everyday life

Environmental sustainability

  • Less material goes to landfills
  • Reduced leachate created
  • Reduced hydrocarbon use
  • Environmentally friendly products

Our Service Territory

DKI-Pro Pacific’s exclusive service territory is highlighted on the map above. Please click on the office location closest to your property for contact details.

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