Hard Contents Restoration

With DKI-Pro Pacific, hard contents restoration is more effective than ever. Our method relies on ultrasonic technology and industrial stage cleaning techniques to quickly produce optimum results.

Fireline Ultrasonic system returns hard contents to pre-loss condition

Technicians at work in the lab using the Fireline Ultrasonic cleaning system

DKI-Pro Pacific utilizes the Fireline Ultrasonic system for restoring hard contents to pre-loss conditions. This method relies on ultrasonic technology and industrial stage cleaning techniques to produce optimum results at an unprecedented rate.

Challenges of hard contents restoration

General contents cleaning in any home or business is a unique challenge. Items are made of different materials, and depending on the nature of the cleaning, can be time-consuming to restore.

Some cannot be recovered at all by traditional cleaning processes.

Fireline contents solution

DKI-Pro Pacific offers a solution to this issue. The Fireline Ultrasonic System enables virtually all general contents to be restored to pre-loss condition with a very high success rate.

By utilizing a streamlined process and stage cleaning techniques, general contents are cleaned and restored to pre-loss condition efficiently, saving insurance companies and property owners big bucks.

Toy truck before, during, and after Fireline Ultrasonic cleaning

Fireline’s process

The process begins with the pack-out of contents. Items are separated into relevant categories and packed together. The division of items is essential to the success of handling and cleaning of contents. These categories are subject to conditions such as durability, material make-up, residue type and residue levels.

Environmentally responsible cleaning

The cleaning process begins with a pre-wash to remove excessive soot and other debris from the items before they’re moved to the ultrasonic cleaning station.

The use of environmentally responsible detergents and ultrasonic action removes the soot, grime and other contaminants from the contents without neglecting small crevices and areas that would normally require time-consuming brushing to clean. Items are then rinsed and dried and ready for re-packing and return.

Features of the Fireline Ultrasonic method

  • Efficient 4-step restoration process
  • Cleans and deodorizes heavy soot-, sewer- and mould-damaged hard contents
  • Ultrasonic technology, special solutions and trained staff restore items to pre-loss condition or better

Benefits of the Fireline Ultrasonic method

  • Cleans collectibles that were previously impossible to salvage
  • Restores and returns irreplaceable and cherished items
  • Eliminates expensive replacement costs
  • Quick turnaround times result in lower storage costs

Our Service Territory

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