Fire & Smoke Damage: Our Restoration Process & Steps You Can Take

The damage left over from a fire can seem overwhelming. Pro Pacific DKI offers reconstruction services and deodorization equipment to restore your property to like-new condition.

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What a fire can do to your home

Whether the fire is all-consuming or just a small appliance burning, it will produce smoke. When smoke billows, it spreads throughout your home – even in places you can see, like air vents, pipes, wiring crevices, ducts and even your HVAC system, where it can linger for months.

If not properly cleaned, your HVAC system can then cause lung irritations and even scarring of tiny lung sacs. Because we’re experts in the fire and smoke restoration field, we can detect and correct issues that aren’t obvious to the casual observer. In fact, we have the knowledge and the special equipment to clean areas such as ducts and vents.

Act quickly to deter mould

If the fire was extinguished with water, you run the additional risk of mould occurring – even as soon as 48 hours after the fire. Once mould sets in, reversing the damage and making your home safe again is a much more difficult and expensive task.

Damage occurs even after the fire

When you’ve suffered fire or smoke damage to your property, it’s crucial to call a restoration company immediately. Fire creates smoke and soot, which sits on your belongings after the fire is extinguished and further damages precious items. Even worse, your carpeting and the fabric in curtains or furniture can emit chemicals that further damage your items.

Pro Pacific DKI can limit the damage by cleaning the contents of your fire-damaged home quickly before damage settles in permanently. Our initial cleaning will stop damaging chemicals in their tracks, protecting precious china, marble, chrome and your other belongings.

Our Process

The following steps are an example of our fire and smoke damage restoration process. Depending on your own unique situation, these steps may be done in a different order (or not at all).

  • Connect with you

    After you’ve contacted Pro Pacific DKI through our 24/7 phone lines, our first step is to connect with you and gather as much information about your situation as possible. Once that’s done, we will arrange a time to inspect your site.

  • Assess the situation

    You will be assigned a dedicated Project Manager who will assess the structural integrity, extent of damage, and the urgency of your situation. Whether you require immediate emergency services or need to begin on a restoration project, we will ensure all of the priorities are in order.

  • Determine the scope

    After the situation has been assessed, your Project Manager will provide a detailed scope of the work required for you and your insurance agency regarding your restoration or reconstruction requirements.

  • Get work authorization

    In order for us to begin work on your property, we require that you sign authorization papers to provide us with legal access to your site.

  • Restore & rebuild

    Our team acts in a Project Management role to restore or rebuild your home or business, reclaiming the structural integrity and safety of the space. We’ll also act as the point of contact and oversee work done by any other trades.

Steps to Take

The following are examples of steps you can take if you have experienced fire and smoke damage. These steps are provided as guidelines only, and may not apply to every scenario. Safety should always be your #1 priority.

Call a professional

Contact Pro Pacific DKI to arrange for an inspection of the damaged areas and ensure there is no immediate safety concerns or structural damage. We’ll assess the next steps for a quick and efficient clean-up and restoration.

Don’t eat damaged food

Do not eat any food in the fridge or pantry. And, although it might be tempting, make sure you don’t discard any open food packages (we need to take a thorough inventory on everything lost to the damages, including food).

Clean fixtures

All chrome, porcelain, and aluminum fixtures should be cleaned to prevent further damage from the acidity of fire and smoke residue.

Don’t blow air around

In order to prevent soot from spreading into other areas, do not use any forced-air furnaces. Our crew will supply you with alternate heat sources that are safe to use.

Avoid electrical items

Avoid using any electricity, such as lights, ceiling fans, electronics, or kitchen appliances, especially if the area is wet or soot is present – even unplugging can be very dangerous!

Hold off on cleaning

Don’t attempt to clean walls (painted or papered), carpet, upholstery, or other fabrics without the aid of a professional, as each type of smoke residue requires distinct cleaning methods.

Our Service Territory

Pro Pacific DKI’s exclusive service territory is highlighted on the map above. Please click on the office location closest to your property for contact details.

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