Vehicle Impact Damage: Our Restoration Process & Steps You Can Take

When a vehicle crashes into your home or business, the result is typically major property damage and exposure to the elements. Even if it was a low-speed collision there are many concerns that must be left to a professional.

Ensure structural stability

In addition to clearing the mess caused by a vehicle impact, it's critical to ensure the structure of the property is safe. Our experts can help prevent further damages by provide temporary support, following all codes and bylaws.

After the property has been stabilized, you can trust Pro Pacific DKI to help repair and restore the property at all stages of the project.

Seal & secure the property

There is never a good time to experience damage caused by vehicle impact, and this is never more true than in the rainy season (which we experience a lot of here on Vancouver Island). Exposure to water cause by rain can further complicate damages, and restoration should only be taken on by a professional to avoid future issues, such as mould.

Additionally, exposure to theft, animals, and other unwanted guests needs to be thwarted immediately. Our emergency board-up experts will ensure you don't encounter any surprises from the outside, and help your business resume normal operations as soon as possible.

Pro Pacific DKI can help you secure, seal, and weatherproof your home or business, quickly and safely.

Our Process

The following steps are an example of our vehicle impact damage restoration process. Depending on your own unique situation, these steps may be done in a different order (or not at all).

  • Connect with you

    If you've experienced the unexpected, contact Pro Pacific DKI through our 24-hour phone lines. We will connect with you to arrange window board-ups, structural reconstruction, and clean-up services as your situation dictates.

  • Assess the situation

    Our team of professionals will arrive at your residential or commercial site to fully assess the scope of your project. We’ll focus on safety, structural integrity, scale of damage, and the urgency of your situation.

  • Determine the scope

    The Project Manager overseeing your project will provide you with a detailed scope that outlines the work involved with your specific restoration or cleaning requirements.

  • Get work authorization

    In order for work to proceed, we need you to sign authorization forms that grant us the legal access we require to be on-site.

  • Protect your property

    Where necessary, our first priority is to protect your property from exposure to the elements and prevent further damage. We’re standing by 24 hours a day to provide quick and efficient board-up and protection services for your home or business.

  • Restore & rebuild

    All debris caused by the vandal or a vehicle impact will be removed from the site in order to provide a hazard-free work environment. Once all is clear, we start the process of restoring, repairing, and rebuilding your property.

Steps to Take

The following are examples of steps you can take if you have experienced damage caused by a vehicle impact. These steps are provided as guidelines only, and may not apply to every scenario. Safety should always be your #1 priority.

Call the pros

Be safe and don’t take risks – our team of restoration experts is on call and standing by, 24/7. Contact Pro Pacific DKI to arrange for an assessment.

Assess safety risks

After you’ve experienced a vehicle impact or vandalism, first make sure you assess the affected space to determine if there are any safety risks in the area. If there is structural damage to the property, it’s best to evacuate until it is determined to be safe.

Be aware

If you’re in the damaged area, use sight, sound, and smell to watch out for risks. Look and listen for sparks caused by electricity; pay attention for exposed nails and broken glass; smell for gas leaks or smoke.

Our Service Territory

Pro Pacific DKI’s exclusive service territory is highlighted on the map above. Please click on the office location closest to your property for contact details.

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