Storm & Wind Damage: Our Restoration Process & Steps You Can Take

Whether your damage occurred due to ice or hail storms, lightning strikes, thunderstorms or high winds, our 24/7 emergency service will respond immediately when you call us.

Although this article discusses wind and storm damage restoration in Victoria, Pro Pacific DKI also services all of Central and South Vancouver Island. Please refer to our service territory map below for details.

Providing wind & storm damage cleanup services from Courtenay to Victoria

It is not unusual to have storm-wind-damage-restoration anytime of the year in British Columbia. If your neighbourhood has suffered wind and storm damage in Victoria or surrounding areas at any time, you’ll want to keep our number handy.

After a storm, Pro Pacific DKI will be right there on the spot, ready to clean up and restore any major wind or storm damage to your property.

Repairing high wind damage: not a DIY situation

Any wind that exceeds 50 or 60 miles per hour can damage the structure of your home or building, landscaping, and electrical poles and trees. When you contact us, we’ll arrive immediately and assess the damage. Be prepared for us to direct you to a nearby hotel or shelter if we find structural damage to your home, as it would be dangerous for you to stay there.

Our tasks after damaging winds

Pro Pacific DKI is certified through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRc). We know exactly what to do to return your property to its original condition after a storm.

We’ll tarp your roof and provide any emergency board-up we feel is necessary, and we’ll do any water removal needed. We handle structural stabilization, glass cleanup and replacement, reconstruction and all repairs from water damage.

Our Process

The following steps are an example of our storm and wind damage restoration process. Depending on your own unique situation, these steps may be done in a different order (or not at all).

  • Connect with you

    Once you’ve contacted Pro Pacific DKI after suffering from storm or wind damage to your property, our first step will be to connect with you to determine the urgency of your situation. If we don’t need to send a crew immediately for emergency board-up or tarping, we’ll arrange for the best time to meet at your site.

  • Assess the situation

    Either during a storm or after the damage is done, our staff will arrive at your site to assess the damage. We will evaluate the strength and integrity of any structures and determine the urgency of your situation. If the structure is deemed unsafe, you will be asked to stay in a hotel or other shelter.

  • Determine the scope

    Your assigned Project Manager will provide you with a detailed scope of the work required, outlining the steps we need to take in order to best remedy your situation and prevent future damages.

  • Get work authorization

    Once we’re ready to begin work on your project, authorization forms will need to be signed so our crew can legally access your site.

  • Protect your property

    If the weather is still storming, our immediate goal is to protect your property from further damage. We will work around-the-clock to ensure that your home or business is safe from the elements and any additional damage.

  • Restore & rebuild

    Once the storm has passed and all immediate dangers have been dealt with, our team will work with you to restore and rebuild your property back into its original condition.

Steps to Take

The following are examples of steps you can take if you have experienced damage caused by a storm or high winds. These steps are provided as guidelines only, and may not apply to every scenario. Safety should always be your #1 priority.

Call a professional

Whether you require emergency services during a storm, or need restoration services after the damage is done, contact us through our 24-hour line. We will arrange to have our crew on-site as soon as possible.

Don’t DIY

It might be tempting to make repairs yourself, but damages caused by a storm or high winds is best left for the professionals. Avoid mold and further damages down the road by having it restored right, the first time.

Avoid using electricity

Watch for downed power lines and exposed wires, especially in areas where water is also present (don’t touch!). Avoid using any electricity, including electrical appliances, until the area is deemed to be safe.

Watch for hazards

Watch and listen for sparks caused by electricity, and pay attention to damaged areas for exposed nails, broken glass, and other hazards. Smell for gas leaks or smoke, and avoid the damaged areas until they have been assessed properly.

Our Service Territory

Pro Pacific DKI’s exclusive service territory is highlighted on the map above. Please click on the office location closest to your property for contact details.

“...many thanks for managing the work and sourcing new windows. Please convey my thanks to your crew for their restoration work. No leaks!”