Professional Asbestos Abatement is Critical For Your Health

Asbestos abatement (or asbestos removal) it is never a feat that you, the homeowner, should handle on your own, no matter how handy you may be.

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The removal of asbestos, or asbestos abatement in Victoria, BC, is a highly regulated process that involves rigorous inspection, licensed workers and safe disposal practices. Improper removal of tiles, drywall or insulation in older buildings can potentially release asbestos fibres, contaminating the air you breathe.

Before transforming your vintage home into that modern retreat you’ve been dreaming of for so long, consult a qualified contractor for asbestos abatement in Victoria, BC to ensure the safe detection and removal of asbestos-laced materials.

What is asbestos?

Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral fibre with superior fireproofing properties that was widely employed by building contractors throughout most of the 20th century. However, despite its excellent performance as an insulator, the material was phased out of construction projects starting in the 1980s due to growing concerns for public health.

Common building materials that may contain traces of asbestos include ceiling tiles, floor tiles, vermiculite insulation (found in attics) and drywall.

What are the health risks involved?

When materials containing asbestos are damaged or disturbed, fine inhalable particles are released into the air. Breathing in these particles can affect the lining of your lungs and abdomen, potentially causing life-threatening disorders (like lung cancer or Mesothelioma) later on in life. Because it sometimes takes decades for symptoms to develop, problems often go untreated until it’s much too late.

What does asbestos abatement involve?

Asbestos fibres are too small for the naked eye to see. Calling in a specialist is the only way to know for certain whether this dangerous substance exists within your home. An experienced restoration service provider in Victoria, BC, ProPacific DKI’s team of certified abatement contractors can identify affected areas and safely dispose of hazardous materials that prey on your health, ensuring a toxic-free living environment for years to come.

Boasting some of Canada’s most picturesque cityscapes, Victoria, BC is home to many dwellings that still bear the architectural influences of the past. While many prefer these properties for their vintage charm, homeowners looking to make functional upgrades should always consult a qualified asbestos abatement in Victoria contractor to test for asbestos before starting any renovation work.

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