Bring Your Home Back to Life by Hiring a Restoration Contractor

When a heartbreaking disaster leaves your house in shambles, it can be difficult to imagine ever restoring it to its former glory. But don't despair: we can help.

A home isn’t just a building that sits atop a neatly fenced-off property. A home houses cherished memories and is a reflection of you and your family’s unique personality and style.

Fire, water and wind are the major forces that result in residential restoration work. For decades ProPacific DKI has been helping homeowners throughout Central and South Vancouver Island bring their home back to life with meticulous, fast-acting care.

If you’ve been hit by an unexpected disaster and wish to restore your humble abode to its pre-incident condition without delay, here’s why you should hire a ProPacific DKI to do the work.

Services offered

Time is of the essence! Get a crew onsite within 24 hours of the incident to eliminate threats to your health that floodwaters and fires leave behind, such as mould, mildew or soot. ProPacific offers round-the-clock emergency service, regardless of the work needed.

As an experienced contractor with wide ranging specialities, trust ProPacific DKI to restore your home’s integrity.

We’re fully equipped to:

  • Remove lingering mildew or smoke odours 
  • Extract water using special moisture-seeking equipment
  • Install complete flooring and/or carpeting 
  • Clean drapery and re-upholster furniture 
  • Pressure wash the interior and exterior walls 
  • Sanitize, dry and dehumidify your home

Additional benefits

Beyond repairing structural damages to your home caused by fires or natural disasters like floods and storms, a restoration service company is essential to safeguard your family’s health. ProPacific DKI will take the proper measures to eradicate harmful chemicals that can seep into your carpets, curtains and furniture. We’ll also tackle moisture trapped behind walls to prevent bacteria and mould from taking root.

On a brighter note, you can also work with your home restoration contractor to improve your house’s design. They can help integrate modern touches with care and caution while retaining your home’s older charm.

Our Service Territory

ProPacific DKI’s exclusive service territory is highlighted on the map above. Please click on the office location closest to your property for contact details.

“Your workers are very professional and made no complaints, even though it was Christmas.”