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Vandalism & Impact

From damaged drywall and broken windows to defaced exterior walls, accidents can happen. Our team will help you quickly recover from any vandalism or vehicle impacts.

Whether your home or business has been the target of a break-and-enter, a thoughtless vandal, or an unexpected collision, our team has the skills and experience to restore damaged surfaces and rebuild destroyed property.

Don’t let vulgar graffiti or a kicked-in door affect your home or business – call ProPacific today.

If someone messes with your nest, we can help.


Phone or contact ProPacific today.

Restoration Service Area

Restoration services area map
  • Bamfield
  • Comox
  • Courtenay
  • Gabriola Island
  • Ladysmith
  • Nanaimo
  • Nanoose Bay
  • Parksville
  • Port Alberni
  • Protection Island
  • Qualicum Beach
  • Salt Spring Island
  • Tofino
  • Ucluelet

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NOTE  Depending on your situation, the following steps may be done in a different order (or not at all).

Email or call (877) 755-9966.


NOTE  These steps are provided as guidelines only, and may not apply to every scenario. Safety is always the #1 priority.

1 Assess

After you’ve experienced a vehicle impact or vandalism, first make sure you assess the affected space to determine if there are any safety risks in the area. If there is structural damage to the property, it’s probably best to evacuate until it is determined to be safe.

2 Call

Be safe and don’t take risks – our team of restoration experts is on call and standing by, 24/7. Call us at (877) 755-9966 to arrange for a free assessment.

3 Be Aware

If you’re in the damaged area, use sight, sound, and smell to watch out for risks. Look and listen for sparks caused by electricity; pay attention for exposed nails and broken glass; smell for gas leaks or smoke.

Email or call (877) 755-9966.


Vandalism Case Study

Vandalism Case Study – B&E

Our staff have been helping Vancouver Island residents recover from incidents involving vandalism or vehicle impact damage since 1997. Every job we perform is unique, but our actions are similar: prompt board-up services, efficient and friendly staff, and structures rebuilt to their pre-incident state.

We’ve seen a lot of different scenarios over the years: below is an example of how we helped one Nanaimo business owner recover after experiencing a combination vehicle impact AND break-and-enter.

The business owner called us with an urgent situation involving a B&E that placed their store in a vulnerable state, both to the elements and to thieves.

The owner explained that a team of crooks drove their truck into the front of the building, destroying windows and the store-front. Once inside with the vehicle, they proceeded to tie an ATM to the truck’s bumper, and backed out the way they came, hauling it with them.

After the dust settled, one ATM was taken – a very important item – but more of an urgent concern was the damage to the front of the building that had left the business wide open.

Once we gathered some details, our team was quickly dispatched to secure the structure and begin reconstruction of the demolished store-front. Our team assessed the situation, provided an urgent board-up service, and attained approval from the business owner to start the restoration process.

The initial damage was so severe that the affected business was unable to serve customers during the beginning of the renovation. Our team made it a priority to secure the safety of the building and constructed temporary access for customers so the business could re-open. We then proceeded to renovate and rebuild the store, making it business-as-usual with as little impact as possible.

If you have experienced impact or vandalism damage, contact ProPacific for an assessment and an efficient, thorough restoration project.

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Vechicle impact knocks down a brick retaining wall

Common Types of Vandalism & Impact Damage

We get called to all types of restoration projects. Here’s a list of some of the scenarios we’re trusted to help with:

  • graffiti / property defacement
  • intentional fire / arson
  • shattered windows
  • destroyed door frames
  • structural damage caused by B&E
  • flooding caused by taps left running
  • accidental/intentional vehicle impact

If your property requires restoration or reconstruction services, contact ProPacific to make a difference.

Photo source: Geoff Evans

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