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From the removal of bed bugs and lead paint, to the remediation of meth and marijuana operations, our extensive experience ensures your needs will be addressed timely and discreetly.

Lead-Based Paint

Houses built before the 1980’s often contain lead-based paint. As this paint ages it begins to chip or crumble to dust, and this dust can cause serious health risks. If you’re renovating or purchasing an older property, make sure you consider the risks involved before disturbing any surfaces which may have used lead-based paints. More info...

Grow-Ops & Drug Labs

Whether you are looking to purchase property with a history as a “drug house”, or you found out that a tenant planted an illegal garden in the basement of your rental unit, dealing with marijuana grow operations (MGOs) or other drug labs is an involved process. Before you begin any restoration work, it’s important to first understand the risks. More info...

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are becoming a more common problem, but that doesn’t mean you have to live with them! Our team can usually remediate these pests in a single visit, and we’ll make sure they are properly exterminated from your space, and not just hiding in the dark places. More info...

From lead paint to grow shows – we want to help.


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Other HAZMAT Services

Large-scale removal of lead-based paint

Lead-Based Paint Removal

If your home was built prior to the 1990’s, there is a chance that you could encounter lead-based paints; as the age of the house increases, so does the chance of lead content being found on-site.

Because lead-based paints were commonly used in building construction, it’s important to understand where you may encounter this potentially hazardous item during home renovation or demolition projects.

Lead-based paint may be found in these areas:

  • window frames
  • doors
  • skirting boards
  • kitchen and bathroom cupboards
  • exterior or interior walls
  • ceilings
  • gutters
  • metal surfaces
  • ceilings and areas with enamel paint

Additional info from Health Canada:

Our considerations when removing lead-based paint:

  • Protect – Our staff is equipped with the best in safety equipment and training. Keeping our clients and our crew safe is always our first priority.
  • Isolate – We will remove all furnishings and items from the work space, and use plastic sheeting to create a containment area. We will prevent paint scrapings and dust from spreading to other parts of the home or business by covering doorways, windows, and vents.
  • Ventilate – Before work begins, we will create a system to filter fresh air to our crew while trapping the contaminated air and halting the spread of dust.
  • Clean – At the end of the workday, we will clean the work area and remove any paint scrapings or chips from the space via sealed containers. All hazardous material will be disposed of in accordance to law and industry regulations.

If you require lead-content testing and remediation, contact our experienced crew to arrange an assessment.

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Aggressive mold infestation due to grow lab

Grow Operation & Meth Lab Remediation

Because of the risks involved, we do not recommend that anyone other than trained professionals attempt to remediate a drug operation. Call ProPacific at (877) 755-9966 to arrange for an assessment, and review the tips listed below.

Areas used for the purposes of growing or otherwise developing illegal drugs often exhibit signs of mold, rot, and water damage. Additionally, the drug development process often requires the use of chemicals that can affect your respiratory system and cause health issues.

Our considerations when remediating drug labs:

  • Items & Equipment – We will destroy any contaminated carpets, rugs, curtains, and other furniture left behind by the previous inhabitants. Additionally, we will properly and safely dispose of any related equipment and chemicals left on-site, such as lights, fertilizers, sprays, and pesticides.
  • Furnace – The furnace and ventilation system should be kept off. Once on-site, we will professionally clean the furnace, replace vents and ducting, and change the air filter to prevent air movement from spreading contaminated particles.
  • Drains – As chemicals are commonly dumped into sinks, bathtubs, or flushed down the toilet, we will check for the presence of toxins and hazardous gases escaping from any pipes.
  • Electrical – Ticketed tradesmen are rarely hired to perform electrical work on a property used for illegal activities, leading to a high chance of an overloaded electrical system and hazardous wiring. During the restoration process, all electrical work will be professionally assessed and repaired.
  • Moisture – The use of chemicals and water in a poorly-ventilated space leads to potential moisture and mold damage. When on-site, our crew will be looking carefully for signs of structural damage caused by water in order to safely remediate your property.
  • Structure – As with electrical work, tenants in the drug trade do not abide by building permits or hire construction professionals when performing renovations. We will review the structural integrity caused by amateur renovations and poor property maintenance.

If you have a home or commercial space that was used in the production of marijuana or meth, phone (877) 755-9966 or contact us by email to arrange for thorough, safe, and discrete remediation.

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Bed Bug Remediation

Fortunately for us in Central Vancouver Island, bed bugs have not become a large-scale problem like they are in larger, more populated cities. Nevertheless, ProPacific is here to help solve any unexpected bed bug problems.

If you are concerned about Bed Bugs:

  • Search – Start by confirming that there are bed bugs present. Since they’re nocturnal, beg bugs can sometimes be hard to spot. Search all bedding, including the box spring, seams along the mattress, sheets, headboard and footboard.
  • Don’t DIY – If you do encounter a bed bug problem, don’t attempt to solve it yourself. Most home solutions for dealing with a bed bug infestation will only scatter the bugs temporarily, making it harder to deal with them properly later.
  • Contact – Rely on our trained staff to thoroughly eradicate your bed bug infestation. Visit our contact page or call (877) 755-9966 to arrange for an assessment and quote.

Don’t discard infested items in a dumpster, or leave them on the curb-side in attempts to solve a bed bug problem. Not only will this likely not work, but throwing away furniture that looks usable may result in the bugs being brought into another home unknowingly.

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